Most eco-friendly way of enjoying your sparkling water

Our goal is to help you create fizzy moments that don’t recklessly tax the planet’s resources. That’s why we chose to build sparkling water makers from sustainable biocomposite instead of fossil-based plastic. We constantly improve our products and strive for a smaller carbon footprint. We have even replaced the plastic caps of our CO2 cylinders with sugarcane ones.

Fighting against plastic

The biocomposite used in our sparkling water makers is just as strong as plastic but doesn’t harm the planet. It’s 60% polypropylene (made of crude tall oil) and 40% wood fibre. Both of these raw materials are byproducts of sawmill and pulp industries and, hence, no further forests must be cut down.

Sustainable design

The space in almost every kitchen is so limited that the ugliest devices simply end up hiding in the closets, or even thrown away. We didn’t want to make just sparkling water makers, but true kitchen centerpieces that will never go out of style. You can place your Mysoda device anywhere you want as it doesn’t require electricity. 

Not all bubbles are equal

As harmless as bubbles might sound, they can actually tax the planet’s resources. We wanted to make guilt-free bubbles for happier moments. Mysoda gas cylinders only contain pure food-grade C02 from our partner Air Liquide. The C02 is  carefully filtered, cleansed and turned into the cleanest possible form of C02! The cylinders are filled in Comines using environmentally friendly wind power.

Embracing locality

We strive for locality in our business and minimise transport emissions every step of the way.  You too can avoid extra transportation by choosing Mysoda. Just turn your tap water into tasty sparkling water.  No need to leave home.

Mysoda cylinders love all brands

In case you didn’t know, Mysoda cylinders are fully compatible with all sparkling water makers from different manufacturers. We are happy to recycle the cylinders and fill them with local C02 over and over again. The lifecycle of a cylinder is up to 40 years! Next time, ask for Mysoda bubbles at your retailer.


Did you know that one CO2 cylinder makes up to 60 litres of sparkling water? Leave the plastic bottles to the grocery store and start making your favourite drinks at home.

The most local sparkling water
from your own tap

Less plastic and

C02 cylinder has
a lifecycle of up to 40 years

One co2 cylinder makes
60 litres of sparkling water