Local bubbles from Finland

Not all bubbles are created equal

As harmless as bubbles might sound, they can actually tax the planet’s resources.  We wanted to make guilt-free bubbles for happier moments.

Mysoda gas cylinders only contain pure food-grade C02 from a Woikoski factory, Kokkola. The C02 is extracted from a nearby industrial plant, carefully filtered, cleansed and turned into the cleanest possible form of C02!

The cylinders are filled in our own factory in Helsinki using environmentally friendly wind power.

Made in Finland lippu

Did you run out of bubbles?
Here’s what to do

  1. Next time you’re heading grocery shopping, bring your empty C02 cylinder with you. Find a dedicated point: Tokmanni, Prisma, Citymarket or another well-equipped grocery store.


  2. Exchange your empty cylinder to a filled one. You only pay for the bubbles, not the cylinder.


  3. Always remember to ask for Finnish, locally produced C02 and nature will thank you.

Mysoda cylinders love all brands

In case you didn’t know, Mysoda cylinders are fully compatible with all sparkling water makers from different manufacturers such as Sodastream and Aga. We are happy to recycle the cylinders and fill them with local C02 over and over again. The lifecycle of a cylinder is up to 40 years! Next time, ask for the Finnish bubbles at your retailer.

How to make sure you’re always stacked with bubbles?

We recommend keeping 1-3 extra cylinders at home so you never run out of bubbles. With each cylinder you can make 40-60 litres of sparkling water, depending on the carbonation level and the type of sparkling water maker.

Mysoda CO2 cylinders are available at

And well-equipped