Glassy: A design piece of a sparkling water maker

A latte-coloured Mysoda Glassy sparkling water maker and a woman reaching for the glass bottle. Latte-coloured background

The eye-catcher everyone’s been waiting for, and perhaps the most beautiful sparkling water maker currently available: Glassy by Mysoda is arriving at home kitchens, office spaces and even sideboards as an example of state-of-the-art functionality and durability. 

Mysoda is already known for its sustainable product portfolio with sparkling water makers made of wood composite. Our product design has been awarded several coveted awards like the iF Gold Award and the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. Last year, Mysoda additionally received the Green Good Design Award.

A Glassy sparkling water maker, colour pigeon, and glass bottle

With the Glassy, Mysoda now presents a particularly high-quality product. In addition to the body part made of sustainable wood composite from Finnish forests with a subtle matte finish and visible wood fibers, elegant aluminum details round out the design. The sleek and stylish Mysoda glass bottles with a grooved look are perfect for both everyday use and festive occasions. In addition to the glass bottle, each unit comes with a plastic version – practical and lightweight for everyday refreshment. Those who already have Mysoda bottles can conveniently continue to use them, no matter whether glass or plastic or 1- or 0.5-liter variants. Good to know: Glassy, like all other Mysoda machines, is also compatible with the most common carbon dioxide cylinder with screw-in system.

A new standard for glass bottle carbonators

With the new features and design, Glassy sets itself apart from all other sparkling water makers on the market: Thanks to quick-lock bottles and automatic door opening, bubbling is as easy as ever. What’s more, a smart bubble button with a new carbonation technology and nozzle enables finer and more bubbles, for an even more enjoyable refreshment. Glassy is particularly quiet and requires no electricity.

The Mysoda Glassy sparkling water maker is available in three stylish and timeless colors Latte (latte), Pigeon (bay green) and Black, for 229 Euros on the official Mysoda webshop and CO2 cylinders can be purchased separately.

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