The Finnish company, Mysoda, designs and manufactures premium sparkling water-makers, and produces the flavour concentrates and CO2 products used in them. The Mysoda range includes the first-ever sparkling water-makers made of sustainable, wood-based composite. Our design approach has been recognised with the iF gold award and Red Dot product design award in 2021. We believe the world needs a more sustainable and plastic-free way to enjoy carbonated beverages at home.


First, we asked why CO2 and flavour concentrates need to be transported across Europe while they could be manufactured locally? Then, we asked, why do sparkling water makers have to be ugly looking and made of plastic, while they could be eco-friendly and look stunning? Now, we have stopped questioning and moved into bottling CO2 and drink mixes locally and manufacturing new generation sparkling water makers from wood composite. This is a wood-based and renewable material that works like plastic but is actually made of forest industry residues. We are proud to share that our products are sold in thousands of shops in several European countries.