Mysoda has two drink concentrate lines. One manufactured in France and the other manufactured in Finland. 

All Mysoda drink mixes  are vegan.

Mysoda’s naturally sweetened beverage concentrates that are enhanced with sugar and sugar-free beverage concentrates are sweetened with stevia, acesulfame k or sucralose.

  • Fill the bottle with cold water up to the mark
  • Attach the bottle to the appliance and carbonate the water by pressing the carbonation button 2-3 times, depending on your preference.
  • Add the Mysoda drink mix into the glass as instructed on the bottle. 1 to 2 tablespoons depending on the drink mix.  
  • Fill the glass with cold sparkling water
  • Stir and enjoy

Mysoda drinking bottles are made of BPA-free plastic. The bottom and cap of the bottle are made of either biocomposite or aluminum, depending on the model.

The bottle should be hand washed with warm water and hand dishwashing detergent. 

Mysoda drinking bottles cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Sodastream drinking bottles are not compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers due to a different locking mechanism. All Mysoda drinking bottles are compatible with all Mysoda sparkling water makers.


Mysoda sparkling water makers  are made in China. But, the raw material of the device, UPM Formi EcoAce biocomposite, is manufactured in Finland utilising the residues of the sawmill and pulp industries.

If you carbonate very cold water with the Woody sparkling water maker, the nozzle of the appliance may freeze momentarily, preventing the water from carbonating properly. When you remove the bottle from the carbonator, the ice disappears on its own. The Toby and Ruby sparkling water makers have an anti-freezing nozzle, allowing very cold water carbonation.

First, make sure the CO2 cylinder is securely fastened. Do not overtighten or use tools. If the carbon dioxide cylinder in the appliance still loosens while carbonating, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the top of the device by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Remove the CO2 cylinder.
  • Make sure that the black O-ring is properly in place at the bottom of the base. Press firmly to seal with your finger.
  • If after this the CO2 cylinder still loosens when carbonating (even though the CO2 cylinder is tightly screwed in place), please contact

Follow the instructions below:

  • Fill the bottle with cold water up to the mark.
  • Attach the bottle to the carbonator by turning it ¼ counterclockwise and gently pushing the bottle upright.
  • Carbonate the water by pressing the carbonation button 2-3 times. Stop when you hear the hiss.
  • Pull the bottle towards you to release the pressure in the bottle.
  • Remove the water bottle by turning it ¼ clockwise.
  • Ready!

Enjoy bubble water as is, or add Mysoda drink mixes. 

You can clean the Mysoda carbonators by wiping the surface with a damp cloth. To prevent damage to the surface of the appliance, do not use strong detergents.


Yes, CO2 cylinders are manufactured according to a European standard. Therefore CO2 cylinders from other manufacturers are compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers and vice versa.

Yes, Mysoda CO2 cylinders are manufactured according to a European standard. Therefore Mysoda CO2 cylinders are compatible with manufacturer’s sparkling water makers. 

Always check first that the carbon dioxide bottle is securely attached to the appliance. You know it’s time to replace your CO2 cylinder by the following signs:

  • When you press the carbonation button and no bubbles enter the water.
  • When you remove the water bottle from the appliance after pressing the carbonation button there are still no bubbles in the water.
  • The carbonation button feels loose, and you don’t hear the sound of carbonation but only the sound of a button press.

Take an empty carbon dioxide bottle with you to the grocery store and replace it with a full one. That way, you only pay for the gas in the bottle.