Designed to shine and sparkle in your kitchen


The ultimate combination of sustainability and design. A mild scent of wood brings a little piece of forest to your kitchen and gives away its secret. Instead of using fossil-based plastic, the body of the device is made from almost 100% renewable-based biocomposite.

The elegant Woody comes in five different colors that all have a unique finish with subtly visible wood fibres.

Available in 5 colors


The ultimate masterpiece of the circular economy. The body of the device consists of sustainable, wood-based biocomposite which is made from almost 100% renewable-based raw materials.

Toby comes in three earth-tone colors.

Available in 3 colors


The undisputed eye-catcher of any kitchen. Besides the modern and superior design, this device has a functionality and robustness of its own class. It’s made of long-lasting aluminum and has an elegant matte finish.


Ruby comes in six different colors tofit every taste.

Available in 6 colors