Give your Mysoda products a second life

Recycling products correctly is crucial for keeping our environment clean and protecting the welfare of animals and humans alike. Through recycling you can give your Mysoda products a second life. Thereby we can protect the environment non only during production of our devices and by using them, but also after they have reached the end of their lifespan. It can be confusing to recycle complex products with many different components made from different materials. But trust us when we say it is not all that difficult. Here is how to do it!

A cardboard box full of empty plastic bottles

Recycle Mysoda products as


  • Mysoda water bottles, including cap and base of the bottle that are made of wood composite
  • The plastic inside part of stainless-steel caps of Mysoda premium water bottles and glass bottles
  • Caps and labels of Mysoda drink mix bottles as well as the bottles themselves
  • Seals and caps of Mysoda CO2-cylinders
  • Protective bags Mysoda devices and bottles are delivered in


  • User manuals for Mysoda devices


  • Packages of Mysoda devices
  • Brochures that come with Mysoda device packages

Mixed waste

  • Seal rings from the caps of Mysoda water bottles


  • The base of Mysoda premium bottles
  • The outer part of the cap of Mysoda premium drinking bottles 


  • Mysoda water bottles that are made of glass

What about the co2 cylinder?

Mysoda CO2-cylinders are reusable. Empty cylinders should either be exchanged for filled ones or returned to the nearest retailer. When exchanging an empty cylinder for a full one you only pay the price of the carbon dioxide. 

Read more about our CO2 cylinders
A Mysoda co2 cylinder being held up by a hand