Co2 cylinders with flavour

Four SodaTASTE CO2 cylinders


CO2 cylinders
with flavour


How to use

4-step instructions on how to use a SodaTASTE CO2 cylinder
4-step instructions on how to use a SodaTASTE CO2 cylinder

Not all sparkling water makers are the same. This is why each device reacts slightly differently when carbonating with SodaTASTE. We recommend that you gradually test how quickly bubbles take hold in the water when using the cylinder for the first time.

More than just Co2

100% biogenic COwithout sugar

100% organic & sugar-free

Light & unsweetened

Protect the environment

Natural ingredients

Good for your body


You can exchange your empty cylinder at your local SodaTASTE reseller. Take your empty CO2 cylinder with you the next time you go shopping and trade it in for a filled one. You only pay for the gas filling, not the cylinder itself.

We only use carbon dioxide generated as a by-product in bioethanol plants for our SodaTASTE products. By using a climate-neutral raw material from natural agriculture we provide as sustainable a product as possible.

Yes, all available flavours are suitable for vegans.

Sodataste CO2 cylinders are compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers (excl. Glassy) and any other non-electrical sparkling water maker for plastic bottles that use the common screw-in mechanism.

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