The most eco-friendly way to enjoy your sparkling water

Our goal is to help you create fizzy moments that don’t recklessly tax the planet’s resources. That’s why we chose to produce sparkling water makers from sustainable wood composite instead of fossil-based plastic. We constantly improve our products and strive for a smaller carbon footprint. We have even replaced the traditional plastic caps of our CO2 cylinders with ones made of sugarcane.

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Eco-friendly facts

Fighting against fossil-based plastic

All Mysoda sparkling water makers are made from either renewable wood composite or durable aluminium. We thereby offer an alternative to existing sparkling water makers on the market, which are largely made from fossil-based plastics. The wood composite used in our sparkling water makers is just as strong as fossil-based plastic but doesn’t harm the planet. It’s 60% polypropylene (made of crude tall oil) and 40% wood fibre. Both of these raw materials are byproducts of sawmill and pulp industries, hence no further forests must be cut down to produce our sparkling water makers.

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Sustainable design

The space in almost every kitchen is so limited that the ugliest devices simply end up hiding in the closets, or even thrown away. We didn’t want to make just sparkling water makers, but true kitchen centerpieces that will never go out of style.

The top parts of three Mysoda sparkling water maker Models: Toby pigeon, Ruby copper, Woody pink