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Latest news on home carbonation

Pieces of plastic waste floating under water

Key takeaways from Mysoda’s first carbon emissions calculations 

A latte-coloured Mysoda Glassy sparkling water maker and a woman reaching for the glass bottle. Latte-coloured background

Glassy: A design piece of a sparkling water maker

A pigeon coloured Glassy sparkling water maker, a CO2 cylinder with sleeve in similar colours, and a glass bottle in front of tone-to-tone background

Mysoda signs agreement to acquire Linde’s home carbonation operations in the Nordics and Baltics

A white and silver Ruby 2 on a glass table in front of a window with white curtains

Ruby 2 is awarded GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023

A green coniferous forest viewed from the top

Data incoming: Mysoda is calculating group-wide carbon emissions for the first time in the company’s history 

A white Ruby 2 sparkling water maker and two sodataste co2 cylinders on a glass table in front of a window

Introducing Sodataste: an easy and sugar-free way to enjoy flavoured water