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For sparkling water makers

Drink mixes

For sparkling water makers

Mysoda drink mixes

Add some flavour to your sparkling water. Soda made from concentrate is an ecological option: fewer transport emissions and less packaging material. This results in more to drink from a smaller package! We have 13 different drink mixes. Five of the flavours are sweetened with sugar and free of artificial sweeteners, and eight are for the lovers of sugar-free beverages. Add the drink mix to the carbonated water according to the instructions.

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A glass of cranberry-lime mocktail drink and fruit

Fresh mocktails in your kitchen

Mysoda drink mixes are perfect for making fresh non-alcoholic drinks at home. For example, try these mocktail recipes. We regularly post new recipes on Mysoda’s Instagram account.

Usage tips

Making soft drink or carbonated water is easy. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Carbonate only water with your sparkling water maker. Never carbonate water with added beverage concentrate or other ingredients.
  • Prepare the drink directly into the glass so that your water bottles stay cleaner.
  • Adjust the sweetness and flavour intensity of the drink by increasing or decreasing the amount of concentrate in the drink.
  • Store water bottles in the refrigerator before adding carbon dioxide to get a more bubbles into the water.
A glass of pink sparkling beverage

Dispensing of sugar-free drink mix

1 tablespoon (15ml) concentrate

Pour 250ml of carbonated water over the drink concentrate

Dispensing of naturally sweetened drink mix

2 tablespoons (30 ml) concentrate

Pour 250ml of carbonated water over the drink concentrate