Pure, ecological bubbles

Now also available in new design with green sleeves

Three Mysoda CO2 cylinders for sparkling water makers with green sleves side by side.

Not all bubbles are created equal

As harmless as bubbles might sound, they can actually tax the planet’s resources. We wanted to make guilt-free bubbles for happier moments. Mysoda CO2 cylinders (gas bottles for sparkling water makers) only contain gas that has been carefully filtered, cleansed and turned into the cleanest possible form of C02! We fill the cylinders in our own factories in Finland and France using environmentally friendly wind and solar power.

A Mysoda CO2 cylinder being held in front of a black-copper Mysoda Ruby sparkling water maker

How to exchange the CO2 cylinder?

Next time you’re heading grocery shopping, bring your empty CO2 cylinder with you. Find the dedicated exchange point in the shop (usually at the info desk or at the cashier). Exchange your empty cylinder for a filled one. You only pay for the bubbles, not the cylinder itself. Protect the environment and always remember to ask for locally produced CO2.


We ensure the quality and safety of our cylinders by always using only high-quality food-grade carbon dioxide and following the local and EU regulations and our safety process when filling and transporting them. Our cylinders are regularly inspected by an authorised third party. To guarantee safety usage and storage of CO2 cylinders, each cylinder has a safety valve that will harmlessly release the gas in the unlikely event that the pressure of the cylinder rises above the safe level.

Filled using renewable energy


The lifecycle of one cylinder