Sparkling water maker

A latte Mysoda Glassy sparkling water maker with water bottle

Mysoda Glassy sets a new standard for glass bottle carbonators.

The elegant and distinct design of the machine shelters state-of-the-art functionality and durability. The body of the device is made of renewable wood-based composite, which has a unique matte finish with subtly visible wood fibres, and solid aluminium details. Simple and stylish, Mysoda glass bottles are designed to fit your dinner setting.

Available in 3 colors.

Glassy package content

Package includes

1 x Glassy sparkling water maker
1 x reusable plastic bottle
1 x reusable glass bottle

Machine dimensions

Width: 18,80 cm
Height: 44,40 cm
Depth: 18,80 cm
Weight 4,49 kg (incl. CO2 cylinder)

Instruction manual

Glassy Instruction manual PDF

No electricity required

Exchangable cylinder

Silent to use

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