A woman using a copper Mysoda Ruby sparkling water maker in a black kitchen

Mysoda and Austrian consumer electronics distributor Aqipa start co-operation regarding the distribution of Mysoda’s products in several European markets. The agreement covers the sales and marketing of Mysoda’s sparkling water makers, CO2 products and beverage concentrates in five new markets: Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland and Poland.

In October 2020, Mysoda released the first-ever sparkling water makers made of wood composite in Finland, Mysoda’s home market. In the body of Mysoda Woody, fossil-based plastic has been replaced with wood composite made of almost 100 % renewable and wood-based raw materials. Aqipa believes there is a high demand in the DACH market for renewables-based Woody. Ruby, Mysoda’s high-end aluminium sparkling water maker is also expected to be popular with elegant matte finish and six different colour options.

“We are very excited about starting a partnership with Aqipa. The collaboration aligns with our global growth strategy and our vision of making sustainable sparkling water more accessible for consumers in new markets,” says David Solomon, CEO of Mysoda.

Aqipa specialises in the distribution and marketing of premium consumer electronic and lifestyle products. The company is currently representing brands such as GoPro, Marshall, Braun and Pure.

“Mysoda is a perfect fit for our growing portfolio. We see a great demand for more sustainable household products in several markets. Mysoda’s trailblazing use of sustainable new material combined with strategic design thinking is challenging the status quo in the market. It is the type of brand
with which we have always been successful. We are very excited about this partnership” says Christian Trapl, CEO of Aqipa.

In addition to the new markets in Central Europe, Mysoda’s products are sold in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.

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