CO2 Cylinders: How to Find the Right Match

In order to enjoy all the benefits of making your own sparkling water at home, the right CO2 cylinder is essential. But how do I find a CO2 cylinder that fits my Mysoda sparkling water maker? Are there different types of cylinders? In this article you will learn, what to pay attention to when buying a new cylinder or exchanging your empty cylinder for a full one.

Which types of cylinders are on the market?

The most common cylinders on the market are 60L cylinders with a screw-on mechanism for attaching the cylinder to the device. Those cylinders are offered by a number of different brands. Their cylinders are compatible amongst each other due to being produced in accordance with a European norm.

In addition to the common 60L cylinders there are also larger 130L cylinders with screw-on mechanism available in certain countries.

A third type of cylinders appeared on the market fairly recently and differs in one important aspect. These new cylinders use a brand specific quick connect system instead of the common screw-on mechanism for attaching the cylinder to a sparkling water maker. This means, that this type of quick connect cylinder is not compatible with devices that are made for standard screw-on cylinders and vice versa.

Where to find a cylinder for my mysoda sparkling water maker?

Original Mysoda CO2 cylinders can be ordered from our webstore (currently only in Finland) and Amazon store. Alternatively, Mysoda cylinders are available at local retailers in Finland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

But don’t worry if there is no retailer offering Mysoda CO2 cylinders in your area or the options above to not work for you. Cylinders of other brands like Carrefour or Coop are also compatible with our Mysoda sparkling water makers. By paying attention to a few things when buying a new cylinder or exchanging your current empty one for a full one, you can easily find a compatible CO2 cylinder for your device from a local grocery store or drugstore.

How to identify a compatible cylinder?

When buying a new cylinder to be used with your Mysoda sparkling water maker pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose a cylinder with screw-on mechanism: When you look at the cylinder valve, no ring should be protruding around the valve. 
  • Avoid cylinders stating “Quick Connect” or featuring a large Q-symbol
  • Check the cylinder’s size (if more than one size is on the market in your home country): all our devices are compatible with the most common 60L CO2 cylinders. In addition, Mysoda Toby can also be used with the larger 130L cylinders.
Icon for a quick connect CO2 cylinder not compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers
Icon for a screw-in CO2 cylinder compatible with Mysoda sparkling water makers

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