How to Live More Sustainably in 2023

How is it going with your New Year’s resolutions? We all know the classic New Year’s resolutions we make and then forget about during the first few weeks or even days of the new year. Exercising more, reducing stress, eating healthier, …

Among these classics, a new promise has gained popularity for 2023: more awareness for the environment & living more sustainably. If living more sustainably is also one of your goals in 2023, we have exactly the right solution for you to make it happen this year. Keep on reading and learn all about how Mysoda can help you make your everyday life more environmentally friendly.

Reducing waste

One of the most obvious benefits of making your own Mysoda sparkling water at home is the amount of waste avoided once you ditch those single-use plastic bottles. With one CO2 cylinder you can make up to 60 litres of sparkling water. That is the equivalent of 40 1.5 litre plastic bottles.

Reducing transport emissions

One CO2 cylinder being used to make as much as 60 litres of sparkling water also reduces the need for transportation and resulting emissions. Much more sparkling beverages can be made from a truck load of CO2 cylinders than readily made beverages can be transported on the same truck. Using a Mysoda sparkling water maker in 2023 will help you save the transport emissions and waste from nearly 500 single-use plastic water bottles if you, on average, drink about 2 litres of sparkling water per day.

And if you don’t feel like water, you can easily mix delicious lemonades and mocktails with our concentrated drink mixes and protect the environment according to the same principle: more lemonade from smaller packaging. Depending on the drink mix chosen, one bottle is enough for 4 to 8 litres of readily made beverages.

Reducing emissions through sustainable material

Home carbonation in itself is already a sustainable choice. But with Mysoda you can even go one step further towards a more sustainable 2023. Our sparkling water makers are made from wood composite. Wood composite is a renewable wood-based material made from residues of the pulp and sawmill industries. It consists of bioplastics made from crude tall oil, which is a side product of the pulp making process, and wood chips from the wood processing industry. In contrast to other wood-based products, the wood composite used for Mysoda’s devices does not increase logging either, as it is made from residues of other industries. And if these weren’t enough benefits already, the wood residues used for the production of the material comes from sustainable managed forests.

The material is highly durable, which means cutting down on emissions form regular replacements of damaged devices. Your Mysoda sparkling water maker will be with you on your journey towards a more sustainable everyday life for a long time.

Social sustainability through local tap water

Making sparkling water from your own local tap water also means you know exactly where it is coming from. Put an end to water from unknown or dubious sources. This way you can rest assured that the water you drink has not reached you through the exploitation of others and you can fully enjoy your drinks.

Vegan, cruelty-free & gmo-free

To top it all off, all Mysoda drink mixes are fully vegan, GMO free, and neither the concentrates themselves or any of their ingredients are tested on animals. This means respecting animal rights as well as saving precious resources.

If this isn’t a great way to boost your sustainability goals this year, what is?

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