A Mysoda water bottle being refilled with frech tap water at a kitchen sink

Water and sustainability have always been intrinsically linked. For Mysoda, as a manufacturer of sparkling water makers who took it to heart to live up to the ideals of modern living and sustainability, it is important to draw attention to actions and campaigns that correspond to our ecological philosophy. 

World Water Day 2022 takes place today on March 22nd. It is an initiative that has been called to life by the UN to draw attention to the shortcomings in the worldwide handling of water and also to promote global sustainability awareness. Every year the theme of World Water Day changes, this year the theme is: Groundwater. Mysoda invites you to join the celebration of what might be our planet’s most precious resource, with our creative and practical appliances, which help to promote a more conscious approach to water on a personal scale.

The desire for ecological sustainability has always been an integral part of Mysoda’s ideology and from day one it has been a driving force behind our product innovations. Two, of our currently three models, are made almost entirely of renewable wood composites, which are derived from residues of the wood industry. This makes the ecological concept of a sparkling water maker even more sustainable, by using eco-friendly materials from the production level. The quality of drinking water is of course an essential component of your sparkling water experience and thus it’s close to our heart. This is why we want to promote the appreciation of this simple, but highly precious commodity, which is available to us in abundance from every tap, with the use of our products.  

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