Introducing Sodataste: an easy and sugar-free way to enjoy flavoured water 

A white Ruby 2 sparkling water maker and two sodataste co2 cylinders on a glass table in front of a window

We are thrilled to launch our latest product: Sodataste, a CO2 cylinder including flavoured gas.  Sodataste simplifies the process of preparing a bottle of fresh flavoured sparkling water Just add bubbles with your sparkling water maker and enjoy! Simple as that! The after product is healthier than traditional soft drinks as there’s no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, nor colour additives.  

Sodataste launched with four different flavours and is available in over 200 Tokmanni stores across Finland. Sodataste is also available in France and Belgium at selected retailers. If you want to reat more about Sodataste in Belgium you can do so here.

“We are excited to finally introduce Sodataste to the Finnish market,” says David Solomon, CEO of Mysoda. “We believe that this innovative product will revolutionize the way people enjoy sparkling water, offering a convenient, healthier, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional syrups. With Sodataste, the number of plastics and other packaging materials, and the need for transportation, is lower than of any other beverage option. With Sodataste, our customers can indulge in their favourite flavours while making a positive impact on the environment.

For the seekers of a healthier lifestyle

Sodataste is a perfect product for anyone who is into a healthier diet and wants to avoid high-calorie drinks. The fresh carbonated water that Sodataste produces contains only natural aroma and biogenic CO2. This means that the final product does not contain unhealthy additives like sugar, 7or artificial sweeteners, which are the main ingredients in normal syrups and bottled beverages. Moreover, Sodataste is also suitable for vegan diets, making it a perfect choice for many consumers and occasions.  

The Sodataste assortment has four different flavours: Apple, Citrus, Lime and Ginger, with new flavours coming soon. 

Compatible with your sparkling water maker

Sodataste cylinders can be used in most sparkling water makers using the screw-in cylinder system. This covers most sparkling water maker brands and models except glass-bottle machines. 

Furthermore, Sodataste cylinders can be purchased as exchange cylinders; Just return your old empty cylinder to your nearest store and get a brand new full one in exchange for only a deductible price! If you don’t have an empty cylinder in hand, you can also buy Sodataste as an extra cylinder. One cylinder makes up to 40–60 litres of flavoured water, depending on the level of carbonation you like.  


Both Sodataste exchange and extra cylinders are now available exclusively at all Tokmanni stores in Finland. Whether you’re a long-time sparkling water enthusiast or new to the world of carbonation, Sodataste offers a unique and convenient way to elevate your hydration experience. 

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