Orange lemon lemonade for Easter

A glass of mysoda mocktail drink orange-lemon and fruit

This is a perfectly tuned version of traditional lemon lemonade! Combine lemon with the juice of freshly squeezed orange and you will get a sweeter taste to this drink classic. Enjoy in good company!


  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • Sugar
  • Sparkling water
Oranges being cut on wooden board
Squeezing an orange into a glass


  1. Cut the orange in half and squeeze half the orange juice into a glass
  2. Cut the lemon into blocks and squeeze the juice of one block into the glass
  3. Carbonate cold tap water with a Mysoda sparkling water maker, fill the glass with bubble water and stir
  4. Sweeten with sugar according to your taste
  5. Decorate with an orange peel or slice and enjoy in good company
Squeezing lemon into a glass
Adding sparkling water to juice
Mysoda orange mocktail on cutting board from above

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